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International Convention,
Trade Show & Investors Exchange

March 4 - 7
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
Toronto, Canada




Make the most of your time at Convention, check out all of the programming – from free presentations and Technical Sessions to exhibits.

Aboriginal Program

PDAC actively promotes greater understanding and co-operation between Aboriginal communities and the mineral industry in Canada in our programming at Convention.

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Affiliated Events

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Capital Markets Program

The Capital Markets Program is intended to create a forum for learning and dialogue on a range of topics related to the financing of mineral exploration. Click here for more information.

Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors

The Corporate Presentation Forum for Investors is a popular series that features up-to-the-minute information on select exploration and development companies’ current activities and investment potential. Click here for more information.

CSR Event Series

This series of events facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue and peer learning on issues related to social and environmental performance in the exploration and mining industry. Click here for more information.

Exploration Insights

Exploration Insights is a presentation opportunity that allows companies to inform convention visitors about their policy, technical and academic projects. Click here for more information.

Letter Writer Presentations for Investors

Top newsletter writers present their charts, thoughts and ideas on how to select good investments in the resources sector.

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Presentation & Reception Rooms

Presentation & Reception Rooms are a great way to enhance an organization’s visibility, launch a product, present a workshop, meet clients and prospects and/or make a presentation about your mining jurisdiction or company. 

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Short Courses

Short Courses are provided as a more in-depth educational session led by presenters who hold expertise in a variety of different subject matters. Space is limited for all Short Courses pre and post show. 

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Student Program

PDAC offers students a unique opportunity to network with industry professionals from all over the world. Over 1,600 students from across Canada, the USA and internationally attend each year.

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Technical Program

Hear the experiences of industry experts and your peers on next and best practices. These sessions allow attendees to listen to expert's views and gain timely insights that can be utilized right away.

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